Thursday, June 27, 2019

Good eating

June 27, 2019—What a good dinner! What would make a good dinner while camping/fishing other than freshly caught fish? Our dining was not elegant , but it was delicious.

Jim and I headed back out to the fishing pier, an old bridge that once spanned the distance between the mainland and the island. The county retained about a half-mile of the bridge on both sides for fishing. Yesterday we fished on the Eastpoint pier, chosen at the suggestion of a local fisherman. He said that pier was better than the one of the St. George Island side.
St. George Island Fishing pier

It wasn’t. We didn’t catch anything, although we fed the fish.

Today, we decided to fish on the St. George pier. And catch fish we did!

Granted, we did not catch the “big” ones, but we certainly caught the tasty ones, croakers.

Croakers can be described as salt-water bluegills, small fish with a large dimension of tastiness. They love to nibble the bait off your hook, especially larger hooks meant to catch big fish.  We caught a few on the hooks meant for flounder and trout, but we finally realized that if we wanted to catch croakers, we had to use small hooks. Jim changed our hooks, and we started catching.

Image result for croaker fish
We were too busy catching croakers to take pictures of them,
so I captured a photo from the internet. Small guys, but really tasty.

We caught more than a dozen, but silly us, we threw back the first few that we caught, thinking they were too small. Then we realized  they don’t get big, and started keeping them.

Altogether we took home 10 and had a feast.

We will go back to the same pier tomorrow. Sure, it would be nice to catch some big fish, but catchin’ is much better than fishin’ and those little ones went down just fine.

Until later,

Your Reluctant RoVer,


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