Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The story of our recent lives...

July 14, 2015--We have begun our trek to the Midwest, where I will reunite with my college friends (Peru Group 1965) of 50 years, visit grandchildren, have a family reunion that will memorialize my parents, and become a tourist with my husband in Chicagoland, as well as other places.

Rather than rush to a destination (the first commitment is in 10 days), we are taking our time and traveling as RVers are wont to travel...a little bit each day, seeing and experiencing the real landscape by traversing byways instead of interstates and stopping at local attractions.

Our first stop was Folkston, Ga., a mere hour (if that) from Jacksonville.

Why  Folkston? Well, it is where trains funnel north and south. About 50 trains a day go through Folkston, which also has a free train museum next to the railroad tracks. We parked next to the museum and decided to eat lunch before watching the trains roar by "up close and personal." As we were eating, two trains went by, one each way, on the two tracks. Jim caught a quick glimpse of them. But, of course, watching from within our RV was not the same as watching from one of the platforms Folkston has available.

So, after lunch, we traipsed to a platform, where several people were waiting. And waiting. And waiting. After a half hour, we decided to go see the museum.

The museum volunteer gave us a sheet listing the times when trains go by. The next one was scheduled for 2:30. At 2:25 we were sitting next to the tracks. We were still sitting there at 2:45. No trains.

It seems the story of our lives lately: We go fishing, but don't catch anything. We go train-watching and don't see any trains.

Oh, well. We had a nice time, anyway.

Until, later, on this leisurely journey north,

Your Reluctant RoVer,


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  1. We're leaving on Tuesday, the 21st, one week later than you. Look forward to seeing you and Jim in Bloomington. We are also going to a family reunion, but after the Peru Group Reunion. See you on the 24th!
    Rita Marsh-Birch


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