Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just when we thought everything was going well...

July 21, 2015--We left Georgia this morning and started heading up north. We traveled all day, and finally decided to spend the night in Bowling Green, Ky. Tomorrow we will see how Corvettes are made, and we may take a cave tour on Kentucky's only underground river boat tour. Should be interesting.


When we pulled into the RV park, we intended to unhitch the car and take a drive around Bowling Green... to get the lay of the land, so to speak...and maybe have a nice sit-down dinner.

We were not able to do that.

The car won't start. I wish the problem were as simple as a dead battery, but it is not.

A little background information: When we decided last year to buy a bigger "toad," we decided on the Ford Edge. According to Motorhome Magazine, which lists all of the towable vehicles, the Edge was towable. The car was the right size; it was comfortable; and we liked its ride as well as the car's amenities.

What we neglected to research was to find out if any RVers had experienced problems with the Edge. When Jim was getting ready to buy the tow package, we discovered that many RVers complained that the car would run down its battery after a couple hours of towing.

We did not know if our car would experience the dead-battery syndrome, since some people said they had had no problems. To be on the safe side, however, we bought a portable battery charger that jump starts the battery. We also have a battery charger that plugs into an outlet. And there is a work-around solution that Jim will eventually put into place. (It's a trickle charge from the motorhome to the SUV's batteries.)

When we took our first trip with the Edge, we learned that ours was one of the cars that indeed had a run-down battery problem. We had to use the battery charger. No big deal.

But a dead battery is not our problem this time.

Jim suspects we may have blown a fuse this morning when he was attempting to hook up the car lights to the motorhome. Now it is a matter of finding the culprit fuse.

He has checked some of the fuses, and he will check the others tomorrow when we stop for the day. In the meantime, we will "tourist" with the car in tow.

Until next time (with, I hope, better news),

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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