Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happiness Is Little Things in Life

September 18, 2013, Clermont, Fla.—We all know that it is the little things in life that make the difference. When you are staying in a motorized RV (a traveling hotel), one of the little things I appreciate is a washer-dryer.

Our last RV had a stacked unit. This one has a combination washer-dryer. I prefer the stacked unit. Although it washes smaller loads than the machine I have at home, I think it is more efficient than the combo. However, let’s be real: Having a combo unit is much, much better than not having one at all.
We’ve had this motorhome since last November, but because of Jim’s accident, we haven’t been able to go away for the last three months. The previous trip we took in this RV was only for a few days to Tampa. This trip we have been gone since last Saturday, and we’ve been hooked up to sewers every night. So, it was time to try out the new unit. Because we have had some unwanted surprises with this RV, I hoped the washer-dryer would work.

It did!

It will take some getting used to washing much smaller loads of clothes than I am used to, but at least I will be able to keep our wardrobe clean.

Another little thing...being near an IKEA store.

We love IKEA, but this one in Orlando is the closest one to us. Since Orlando is about three hours from Jacksonville, shopping at IKEA becomes a special event. Today we exercised that “special event.”

The weather has been rainy today. (Yesterday at Epcot we were lucky. When it rained, we were always inside.) Because of the iffy weather, we decided to go down to IKEA with the specific purpose of looking for new dishware.

We found the dishware we wanted—plus plenty more. It was a good shopping spree, and IKEA never takes a big bite out of the budget.

The weather is still drizzly, so we have decided to forego Magic Kingdom this evening. Disney will be there for another time, should we decide we need a Mickey fix.

Home tomorrow. I’ll give you report on how Charlie (the recalcitrant cat) made out on his own.

Until later,

Your Reluctant Rover,


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