Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Too bad, peeping Toms!

Although we never close the blinds in the back of our house (the nearest neighbors are across the pond), I'm not a fan of voyeurism.

When we purchased Junior, we discovered that the previous owners had removed the privacy curtain and replaced it with window shades--on all front-cabin windows except the door! We immediately put up a shade on the door, and it did not take us long to discover that the shades did not offer 100% privacy. By design, a gap existed between each of the shades, which meant that at night, anybody walking by our parked motorhome would be able to look in and see us, in whatever state of attire we chose. Not a good thing.

On our first two trips, we used stop-gap privacy methods: I hemmed strips of blackout fabric, which Jim attached by Velcro to cover each gap. The solution was only marginally acceptable, and we decided to bite the bullet and re-install a privacy-curtain system.

We purchased flexible drapery track, the hardware, and blackout fabric. I sewed the curtains.

We had to "relax" the flexible track for several days in order to work with it. Today, Jim installed it around the front windows and we put up the curtains I made.

I'm happy to say we have privacy again.

Any peeping Tom will have to work harder to see inside of our home on wheels.

Until next time,

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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