Saturday, November 19, 2011


November 19, 2011—Whenever we go to a home show (twice a year in Jacksonville), we drool over certain items. One year it was kitchen cabinets; another year, flooring. We have replaced both in our house. At this “home show” (Samboree), we are again drooling—this time over newer motorhomes.

Because we are at a gathering of RV enthusiasts, several dealers have exhibits of new and used motorhomes here. It’s always fun (and dangerous) to look. Fun, because you get to see what’s new; dangerous, because looking gets you to wanting.

We toured probably a dozen RVs yesterday. Although the new ones are always pretty, we usually come away saying, “I’ll keep what I have.” But yesterday we saw a 2002 Itasca Holiday that gave us pause. It has two slides and an office area. It has a comfortable sleeper couch that opens electronically; a pull-out pantry; cherry finished cabinetry; wall-hugger recliner; and a shower that even has a seat in it! I think this RV could better accommodate the litter box and cat feeding paraphernalia.

It’s always fun to look, but as I said, looking leads to wanting. Who knows?

More on the Samboree…

This is really pretty boring. On the plus side, however, we attended a couple of vender-presented seminars in which we learned some things. We won a door prize (some wrenches). Jim bought a bicycle at a flea market. We got an excellent deal on a travel club membership. And we ate excellent barbeque at a local pub last night.

I would not go to another rally, although we will be going to Quartzite, Ariz., next January. That is not a rally per se, but it is a gathering of around a million RVers in one place at one time. We’ve been told it is something to experience at least once.

Going home tomorrow. I hope the cats survived all right without us and didn’t get into any mischief.

Until next time,

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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